Approved Admissions system can accept batch file import that can include multiple patients at the same time. Please see attached example.csv file for file description. Columns and order must be exactly maintained and only .csv files will be accepted.

It's important that the name of the batch file as it was initially uploaded stays the same throughout each upload if you are updating previous uploaded list. Typically if patient was added or removed you would re-upload that latest file with all the latest information and Approved Admissions will automatically add, remove and update patient information from the file as needed. Batch file name and unique ID of the patient is how Approved Admissions determines if it's the same patient and if any of the information has changed.

For the full list of columns, please review the attached Example.csv file.

A few important notes pertaining to certain columns:

  • ID – unique Patient ID in the batch upload (If you are exporting from a billing system then unique Customer ID would work great). This is how we detect that a new patient was added or removed from this file.
  • FacilityNPI - facility NPI number for the patient on this line. You can have many facilities in the same export file. Format: NNNNNNNNNN (10 digit number)
  • State - is state for which you want to run Medicaid verification. Based on this we know which Medicaid provider to check the results for. Format: standard 2 letter state abbreviations.
  • Start/End - can be empty fields. Those are used for a specific eligibility period. We will fill in proper dates based on the state.
  • VerificationType - Should be set to Medicare or Medicaid. If you need to verify both, then it should be 2 rows for the same patient with different VerificationType but same PatientID
  • Services - should be empty, for future use
  • Recurrence – defines one time/recurring verification's and frequency. Possible options:
    • Blank – one time verification
    • 2xWeek – verifications twice per week on Monday and Thursday
    • 5th25th_Month  - verifications twice per month on 5th and 25th of each month
  • RecurrenceExpiration - should be empty, for future use
  • OutputFormat - should be set to “delta” for recurring verification's or left blank for one time

eof - should mark end of the file. Must appear by itself on 1st column of last line in the file.