Approved Admissions accepts batch import files in CSV, XLS, XLSX formats. Please see the linked example.csv file for the format description.


  • Column names and their order must stay the same as in the example file
  • Each row in the batch file generates one verification transaction for a patient. If you need to verify both Medicare and Medicaid, you must include two rows for the same patient, each specifying a different transaction type.
  • A valid schedule in the "Recurrence" column will generate email change reports for changes detected between the scheduled runs.
  • To update the list of patients in the batch, re-upload the file with the same name. To stop the schedule from running, either:
    1. re-upload the batch with "eof" on the first line, and no other lines
    2. re-upload the batch with a blank "schedule" column. This will generate one last run and will stop recurrence.
    3. delete the batch


  • Column descriptions and values:
  • ID (Required) – a value unique to each patient across all your batches (Patient ID). If you export from a billing system, then a unique per-patient Customer ID could work. We use this value to detect that a new patient was added or removed from this file. You can have multiple lines in the same file for the same Patient ID – for example, one line for Medicare and one line for Medicaid transactions. Format: alphanumeric string up to 16 characters long (using A..Z, a..z, 0..9, "-"characters);
  • NPI (Required)  - Facility NPI number for the patient on this row. You can have patients from many facilities in the same batch file. Format: NNNNNNNNNN (10-digit number)
  • State (Optional for Medicare, Required for Medicaid) - Medicaid verification state. Based on this, we know which Medicaid provider to check the results for. Format: standard two-letter state abbreviations (NY, CT, CA..).
  • Start/End (Optional) - can be empty. These can be used to specify the SoS/EoS eligibility period. If omitted, the platform will use valid dates based on the state.
  • VerificationType (Required)  - Should be set to Medicare or Medicaid. If you need to verify both, then please include 2 rows for the same patient with different VerificationType but same Patient ID
  • Services   (not used)  - should be left empty. For future use.
  • Recurrence  (Optional) – defines the schedule for recurring verifications. Possible options:
  1. Empty – one-time verification
  2. 2xWeek – verifications twice per week on Monday and Thursday
  3. 5th25th_Month - verifications twice per month on 5th and 25th of each month
  • RecurrenceExpiration (not used)  - should be empty, for future use
  • OutputFormat (Optional) - should be set to "delta" for recurring verifications or left blank for one time

  • Record validation. We validate each row of the batch file against the following sets of criteria:
  • If the payer is Medicare, one of the following combinations must be provided:
    1. First Name and Last Name and DOB and Medicare #
  • If the payer is Medicaid, one of the following combinations must be provided:
    1. Medicaid #
    2. SSN
    3. First Name and Last Name and DOB
  • If the payer is HMO, one of the following combinations must be provided:
    1. HMO Policy #